Pattaya City comes alive at night with  Bars, Shows, Floating restaurants, Discos,
Shopping, Markets.  Come and Soak up the atmosphere in Pattayas famous nightlife!

This is "walking street" Pattaya one of the main places you can go at night, with loads of bars, discos, restaurants and go go dancing bars. Full of atmosphere and packed with fun!.
 Kicking, Pumping, Cosmopolitan and Sexy would be understatements for the entertainment that awaits you in Pattaya. Legendary it is. Go go bars, bars, bars and more bars have plenty of alcoholic beverages to quench any harden drinkers thirst. Each beverage comes accompanied by a smiling gorgeous hostess ready to fulfill any other thirst you might have acquired during the day. The enjoyment on offer varies tremendously from ogling go go dens to standard English pubs with an assortment of Karaoke bars, live music bars and lady boy shows.
 Take this heady mix and add some of the finest restaurants in South East Asia. You will find culinary delights from all over the world and of course as Pattaya is a fishing village it is famed for its seafood dishes. If its tenpin bowling, night fishing or even taking in a movie the town can give you that too. All in all, it's all here in Pattaya, however we believe you'll find it hard to drag yourself away from the girlies with all the smiles and attention.
 We do recommend, of course, that you practice safe sex.
 Have a great time with us when you come, we guarantee "You'll be back"!

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